Can You Die from Epilepsy? Important Facts to Know

can you die from epilepsy

Can you die from epilepsy? It’s very important for individuals with epilepsy as well as their families to be conscious of the risks that are associated or connected with this terrible physical condition. It’s good to know that the danger of dying due to epilepsy is definitely low. Also, you have to take note of several things which you can do to reduce the risks. Many individuals lack the right information when it comes to epilepsy. Needless to say, they don’t want to focus on this illness when no one in their family is known to be suffering from it.

Can You Die from Epilepsy, the Risks that are Involved

The objective of various epilepsy studies is to make people become aware of the risks involved. These risks may involve sudden death especially when the affected person refuses to avail of the right remedy. So can you die from epilepsy? If you’re not careful in managing this physical condition, yes you can! Raise awareness about the risks of sudden death which is associated with epilepsy. Likewise, it’s a must that you obtain practical advice and recommendations on ways to decrease these risks. You have to know that there have been several studies that were carried out regarding epilepsy.

Can You Die from Epilepsy, Eradicating the Risks

Can you die from epilepsy? Some people have and this should cause alarm for any person. If an individual with epilepsy suddenly and unexpectedly dies, and no apparent cause of mortality can be found, it’s referred to as SUDEP or sudden unexpected deaths in epilepsy. SUDEP, according to several studies has been known to be associated with seizures. The precise cause isn’t known and there’s no single explanation for it. But, it’s thought that the seizure activities in the brain may at times cause changes or modifications in the person’s breathing or heartbeat. This could instantly cause the individual to stop breathing or for their heart to instantly stop beating.

Can You Die from Epilepsy, Knowing More about the Risks

Can you die from epilepsy? Studies show that more than 1 in every 1,000 actually died of this particular condition. So if you are alarmed by this, it’s best that you start your research about epilepsy. But, the risks are thought to be extremely higher as more seizures occur. The risks of SUDEP if you’re seizure-free are very low. Likewise, SUDEP is very rare in individuals who are not diagnosed or examined with epilepsy. Just make sure that you follow the right steps so you can effectively take care of your health.

Can You Die from Epilepsy, the Risk Factors

The single most significant risk factor when it comes to epilepsy is uncontrolled generalized tonic and clonic seizures. It’s a special kind of seizure that can cause the individual to lose consciousness. Suddenly the body can go stiff and then the patient starts jerking. This SUDEP is known to have occurred in individuals who are having frequent seizures, and also in those who didn’t have seizures very often.

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